New release Bugsnag On-premise v3.1904.0

The latest build fixes minor bugs and also includes the following new features:

New platform: Expo

We're excited to announce full stability monitoring for your Expo apps.

Expo is a free and open source toolchain built on React Native to help you rapidly build native iOS and Android apps from the same JavaScript codebase.

Bugsnag for Expo includes all the features of our popular React Native support including full deobfuscated stack traces, diagnostic metadata, breadcrumbs, and release stability.

Find out more in our blog or get started with our docs.

React Native RAM bundles

We've added support for React Native's Random Access Modules (RAM) bundle format.

RAM bundles can improve the performance of apps with a large number of screens by loading sections progressively as they are needed.

Source maps generated with the react-native ram-bundle command can now be uploaded to Bugsnag and will be used to unminify stack traces to identify the line of code where an error is originating.

Find out how to generate and upload source maps for RAM bundles in our docs.

Stability Targets

Bugsnag now provides the ability to set stability score targets so you have full control over your release dashboard.

There are two targets:

  • Target stability: the stability score that your team aims to exceed.
  • Critical stability: the lower threshold of what is an acceptable stability score for your app.

Your project's stability targets have been automatically set based on stability over the last 30 days, but we recommend that you review them and set targets appropriate for your apps.

Set your targets in project settings, or find out more in our blog.

Android ANR detection

The latest version of our Android notifier will automatically detect Application Not Responding (ANR) errors in your Android and React Native apps.

ANRs happen when the app is unresponsive to user input for 5 seconds, because the UI thread is blocked. The user is given the choice to close the app or wait.

Actionable ANR error reports in Bugsnag will be grouped by cause and include all the diagnostic information needed to prioritize and fix them. They'll also contribute to the stability score of your releases so you can measure improvement over time.

Find out more in our blog.

Important Note:

If you are upgrading from a version lower than v3.1805.0 then the "method" field will be reindexed. The dashboard will still be usable, but it may take some time to be able to search on the "method" field for historical events after upgrading.