BugSnag Enterprise updates
BugSnag Enterprise updates

New release Bugsnag On-Premise Single Machine v3.2210.1 and Clustered v4.2210.2




The latest build fixes minor bugs and also includes the following new features:

Use EAS Build in your Expo apps

Bugsnag’s support for Expo is now compatible with Expo Application Services (EAS) Build. By installing the Bugsnag config plugin to your Expo app you will get your source maps uploaded and your release tracked automatically.

To find out more see the docs.

Automatic deletion of older unused mapping files

Bugsnag will automatically remove old unused mapping files as a scheduled job based on configured retention period. We have introduced new configuration options for enabling/disabling deletion job, retention period, job schedule and throttling deletions. Note that if you are upgrading to this version the first run of the job will occur 1 week after the upgrade due to some changes required for the job to process correctly.

Important Note:

This release mitigates CVE-2022-42889 Text4Shell vulnerability.

Also note that this release removes the support for Flowdock as team notification.