BugSnag Enterprise updates
BugSnag Enterprise updates

New release Bugsnag On-Premise Single Machine v3.2203.0 and Clustered v4.2203.0




The latest build fixes minor bugs and also includes the following new features:

Introducing user impact threshold filtering to make alerts more actionable

When configuring frequently occurring error notifications, you can now filter them by user impact thresholds so that you only get alerted when an error impacts a certain number of users in a timeframe, such as 100 users in an hour.

User thresholds filters are available to configure notifications for email, Slack, and other team chat integrations. They can also be applied to automatic issue creation rules for Jira and other issue trackers.

Introducing a new issue tracker integration with Linear

We’re excited to introduce an integration with Linear, allowing teams to automatically create issues in Linear from Bugsnag to manage bug fixes and streamline debugging workflows.

You can configure an integration with Linear in Project Settings > Issue tracker. Learn more about issue tracker integrations in our docs.

Unity Windows and WebGL improvements & EDM4U support

We’ve released more updates to our Unity notifier.

C# events and exceptions raised while the device is disconnected from the internet are now persisted until connection is restored.

Similarly, when running on Windows or WebGL, events and sessions will persist until a connection is available and the device ID will persist between game launches.

Our packages also now support External Dependency Manager for Unity (EDM4U).

Find out more in the changelog (releases 6.2.0 and 6.3.0) and upgrade your notifier to gain access to these updates.

Major version of Cocos2d-x notifier

We've released a major version of our Cocos2d-x notifier (v2), to include several new features, reliability improvements, and bug fixes.

See the Cocos2d-x upgrade guide to get started.