New release Bugsnag On-Premise Single Machine v3.1908.0 and Clustered v4.1908.0

The latest build fixes minor bugs and also includes the following new features:

Introducing experiment stability monitoring

Easily monitor errors happening in your experiments, A/B tests, and feature flags with Bugsnag’s new custom filters for arrays.

This allows you to efficiently discover and fix problematic issues introduced by a new feature or experiment without having to set up a new custom filter for each feature flag or experiment.

Find out more in our blog and contact us to get started.

Introducing Clustered On-Premise

Bugsnag’s new Clustered version of On-Premise is now available.

Organizations who need to process high error volumes and need their Bugsnag instance to be highly available can deploy Clustered On-Premise to scale Bugsnag across multiple machines. Contact us to upgrade.